How To Take Care Of Your Chinchilla

Your chinchilla can get uncomfortable if you handle it too much. Use your best judgement on how often you clean your cage.

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You can attract it to your hands by holding a favorite treat.


How to take care of your chinchilla. To help you with your concern, we have summarized some of the important chinchilla care tips below. Commercially available dust inside a dust bathhouse provides an excellent bathing area for chinchillas. Whether you're thinking about getting one as a pet or already have one, this video is perfect.

If your chinchilla is urinating on the wooden ledges, it may be best to clean that immediately to prevent infections. You can offer them as occasional treats. Always, always make sure your chin has fresh water in their cage.

Expect your chinchilla to “bathe” itself every other day to clean its coat. To properly pick a chinchilla up your going to come around from the sides and scoop it up. In the cases where they do overgrow, you need to trim them.

Once you have the chinchilla out of the cage hold them. Make sure that the cage is not getting any direct sunlight and that it is in a shaded part of the room, as it is known that prolonged exposure to the sun can speed up the development of cataracts. You must clean the bottom of the cage routinely and wash the cage with hot water weekly for its good health.

You already know, chinchilla likes to stay in the cage. Water bottles are less likely to be knocked over and will prevent bedding and hay from getting soggy. They might spray urine, lose fur as part of a defensive mechanism.

If possible, the best way to handle a chinchilla is by teaching them to walk into your hands. The main things to understand are: For the most part, it’s ensuring you provide an adequate and healthy diet, social activity, and ensuring that you can recognize problems when they do arise.

This video is a beginner's guide to caring for your chinchilla. Unfortunately, they lack the necessary fiber to keep your chinchilla healthy. You can choose whether to use bedding in your chinchilla cage or to simply line it with fleece.

You can trim the incisor teeth yourself, however, the molar teeth will require veterinary assistance. The recommended way to clean your cage is to use a solution with 50% water and 50% vinegar. Keep the cage out of direct sunlight and make sure to keep it in an area that won’t be too drafty or too warm.

This is what most owners will end up doing in order to move their chinchilla from one place to another. While their endless hoping is undeniably cute, you must make sure that they are doing their bouncing in a safe environment. Most chinchillas are free of any complexities when it comes to their diet.

If you are also intending to own a chinchilla or already have one in your house, you must be wondering what best care can be given to them. Sit near your chinchilla and observe it, and move your hands towards your chinchilla. As stated before, taking care of a chinchilla is a walk in the park once you have a basic understanding of how to meet their most imperative needs.

How to take care of a chinchilla. You can feed your chinchilla pellets, but they shouldn’t be the primary source of nutrition. To do so, always move slowly around your chinchilla, as sudden movements can startle it.

Only through proper care will you stop your chinchilla’s cage smelling bad—but what does it take, and how much of a chore is it? The best way to take care of your chinchilla’s teeth is to constantly provide them with food, or chewing toys, so they are constantly worn down and do not overgrow. Most chinchillas will prefer a water bottle over a water dish.

Just as with every rodent, a chinchilla’s teeth will always be growing, meaning they require hard material to chew on. Take a firm grasp on its tail if you have to. Chinchillas can jump up as high as 6 feet into the air, so make sure that dangerous objects are out of reach.

Get your chinchilla accustomed to gentle petting before attempting to pick it up. I used to breed, show, and sell chinchillas, and i also was involved in chinchilla rescue, fostering, and adoptions. Either way, handling and interacting with a pet chinchilla makes the relationship all the more rewarding.

Chinchillas are very delicate creature that can be easily scared or hurt if not given proper care. Try to adapt the living conditions of your pet to its needs by protecting your chinchilla’s eyes from the sun and ultra violet light. Chinchillas should not be kept above 80 degrees fahrenheit.

Pick up your chinchilla with one hand around its front, and another around its read. When setting up your chinchilla’s cage, it’s important to think about placement. You can also give your pet a pumice stone to help keep its teeth in check.

Your chinchillas may hop around the room from end to end, or they may simply jump straight up into the air.

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